Wake Up World!

The world has its eyes so closed that it cannot see what lies ahead.  The Christian church is in deep slumber.  People need a real good slap to wake them up.  Israel is not the enemy.  The media needs to stop taking the side of Hamas and feeling so sorry for them.  They are the ones who volleyed thousands of missiles on Israel and has provoked them.  It is horrible that innocent civilians are being harmed or killed and they are the real victims.  Vladimir Putin is nothing but Hitler reincarnated.  Look at his history and compare it to Hitler’s.  Look at what he is doing now.  Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear are not fooled.  That plane was taken down on purpose, and how convenient it was on the anniversary of TWA flight 800 that was shot down on July 17, 1996.  Oh well, why don’t we all just go back to playing Candy Crush, texting stupid quotes to each other, and watching Transformers redone yet again.

Spiritual Funk

Now I enjoy some good funk music as much as the next guy.  Give me a little Earth, Wind and Fire, some James Brown, even some Sly and the Family Stone (i dig the slap master Larry Graham on the bass), or even some Prince.  I may be a caucasian male that can’t dance a step, but I can “get my groove on” with some good funk music.  I even have been known to enjoy some Tejano!  I love music.  All kinds.  It awakens the soul.  It is a celebration of life (especially for those of us who can not dance!)  I play around with the bass guitar myself on occasion, playing by ear, and my ear seems to always move toward some funky music.  I’m still waiting for God to give me the gift to be able to play it well!

Sometimes I find myself in what I call “spiritual funk”.  There’s no groovy music here!  It’s a sense of depression that falls over me, often for no apparent reason whatsoever.  It may last a day, sometimes weeks.  A good family friend and a minister of the Gospel likened it to being in a spiritual valley.  I’ve often called it my “valley of death” because I can not feel anything in it but pain.  I feel separated from God.  Nothing I do seems to get me out of the valley.  Prayers seem to bounce back.  Satan comes at me with all he has.  It is not a place that I enjoy being, and I almost always know when I am entering the “spiritual funk”.

Spiritual Funk

How does one escape the spiritual funk?  the only way that I have found my friend is to call upon the one and only name that can save you from death and hell, and that name is Jesus!  I meditate on His name.  I think about what He did for me at Calvary.  I picture myself being there, watching them beat Him and rip His flesh, I feel the crossbeam upon my shoulders, the people spitting on me, and then the nails being hammered into my hands and feet.  I have problems breathing sometimes due to allergies and sinus conditions, so I know what it is like to have true shortness of breath.  I picture myself as Jesus gasping for air as I try to get one more breath.  I feel the blood running down my face, feeling the burn of  the vinegar the soldier tried to get me to drink.  I see my mother, my brother, and one whom I loved dearly at my feet as I slowly die.  I remember that Jesus did this for me.  He did it for every man, woman, boy and girl who ever lived, or ever will be born.  He was God’s way of saying “I love YOU”.

Thank you, Jesus.  Jesus.  There’s just something about that name.  Jesus.

Our Stories, Our Testimonies

I have been a fan of the rock band KISS since the late 1970’s when I was a teen, and first discovered the music of KISS and rock and roll.  I have attended two live KISS concerts, once as a teen, and once as an adult with my own two children.  My favorite band member was Gene Simmons, born Chaim Witz, a Jewish immigrant.  His on-stage persona was the fire-breathing, blood spitting bass player.

Tonight, I happened to come across the last few minutes of an episode of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” that was produced in 2010 that I had never seen.  The topic of the episode centered around family history.  Gene came to America with his mother, a Nazi holocaust survivor.  The love between mother and son is so evident.  When Gene calls his mother, she always says “Chaim, my loving son”.  His demeanor always changes and he becomes very emotional.  This particular episode dealt with the holocaust, and many scenes showed Gene in a very emotional state.  The final scene of the show featured Gene’s wife, model Shannon Tweed, who spoke of peoples’ backgrounds and how every parent “has a story” that their children need to know.

Do our children know our story?  Do they know what we have gone through to get where we are in life?  If we are believers in Jesus Christ, our story is our living testimony.  All that we have gone through in our lives, and what Christ has delivered us from, is a testimony that needs to be shared and known by our children.  The book of Revelation in chapter 12 verse 11 says that we will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and  the word of our testimony.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Do your children know your story?  Do they know your testimony as a member of the family of God through Jesus Christ?  We are in no way perfect, and make mistakes.  We are, however, being molded into the image of Jesus by God!  Our past, no matter how ugly it may be, is our story, and how we have overcome our past is our testimony!  Chaim Witz, aka “Gene”, may or may not believe in Jesus Christ as his personal savior.  As a person of Jewish descent, I know that he believes in the same God that I do.   Whether he accepts Jesus as the Messiah is between him and God.

It is important that each of us know who our Lord is, that we love, respect, and honor Him, and that we share stories of how we have overcome things in our lives through the faith we have in our Lord.  I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the one true Messiah, who came to give us live so that we might live it abundantly.  His blood was shed for the forgiveness of my sin.  By accepting Him as my Savior, that is the most awesome testimony that I could ever share.


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